About TomoTherapy


About TomoTherapy® (Hi-Art Image Guided Treatment System):

  • Sophisticated all in one device that brings greater accuracy to the treatment of prostate cancer by imaging the prostate on a daily basis and delivering the radiation treatments to the exact location designed by our custom treatment plan for you
  • Unparalleled precision minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue
  • 360º helical radiation combined with CT imaging guidance.  On a daily basis your prostate is imaged and mapped to provide extremely accurate radiation of your prostate and account for any changes in size, position or anatomy.  This allows for maximal treatment of the cancer and negligible effect on surrounding tissue and organs.
  • TomoTherapy® treatments are completely painless.  This system provides a more effective and efficient radiation process when compared to standard radiation therapy. The tumor is treated more accurately every day, increasing the safety and efficacy profile and decreasing the side effect risk.

For information on TomoTherapy® please visit www.tomotherapy.com.